Sales Process


If your sales process isn’t getting the conversions your company needs, take a step back, build a workflow map, get customer feedback and start testing new ideas.

Marketing is expensive! You spend so much time and effort to get people to come to your website or book a sales discovery call and they’re not converting, not trialling, not buying. It’s at times like this that you need to take a step back, spend some time to create a workflow map that includes your sales process, get customer feedback then start to experiment, test and refine your offering. By having increased visibility in the areas that you have control over, your whole team can focus on getting feedback, trialling new processes and refining your offering until your sales increase.


How does a Remote Business Manager (RBM) help with your sales process?

RBMs help by:

  • Mapping out your sales process
  • Looking at opportunities to add value during the process
  • Understanding the information flow through the process
  • Ensuring all client needs are met through the process (trust, objections, progress updates etc)
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Capturing client testimonials