Email Help Desk


Email is one of the most ingrained habits in most businesses. You do it one way and could never imagine changing.

I think you’ve got three options:

  • Do what you’ve always done
  • Find out how to use what you’ve got in the most efficient way possible
  • Look at tools that will cut down the amount of time you spend writing the same wording hundreds of times a year. In most cases, there is a better way.

How does a Remote Business Manager (RBM) help with email?

RBMs help by:

  • Setting up email help desks or training your staff on the most efficient way to use email
  • Creating voice and tone guides for email
  • Creating email templates to use for all staff
  • Setting up automation within email
  • Creating reports on emails against your SLAs
  • Managing email inboxes in order to improve efficiency