Content Calendar


The content you create needs to have an ROI for your company in terms of engagement, connection and sales.

Sharing the work your company does in a natural, engaging way is an art. You want to be generous, funny, and helpful but also not spend hours crafting content that might not move the needle in your business. Creating a content calendar helps your team plan out the framework for your consistent monthly content. You can still add posts on the fly but these fill in the gaps in your schedule. By implementing simple software to plan content copy, images, categories, and publication dates and ensure approval of the content, you’ll be organised and more likely to stay on brand and in your social followers’ feeds (by being rewarded for consistent content by social networks).

As an example, Twitter’s Agency Playbook recommends:


How does a Remote Business Manager (RBM) help with content calendars?

RBMs help by:

  • Setting up a process for capturing and documenting content
  • Planning a social media schedule for your company
  • Ensuring you have a full feed of content that entertains, engages and connects
  • Working with freelancers to create content at scale that is in line with your company style guide