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Do you love your work but hate all the admin, tech, systems & processes? A remote business manager comes alongside you to manage & improve key parts of your business, leaving you with more time & a more valuable business.
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Sales Process


If your sales process isn’t getting the conversions your company needs, take a step back, build a workflow map, get customer feedback and start testing new ideas. Marketing is expensive! You spend so much time and effort to get people to come to your website or book a sales discovery call and they’re not converting, not trialling, not buying. It’s at times like this that you need to take a step...



Outsourcing amplifies but be careful about what you’re amplifying. People make outsourcing seem easy and they’re lying. Some simple tasks do take more time to outsource than to do yourself. Some tasks present an over-sized risk to your company if the freelancer or contractor has bad intentions. If you can’t train, you might not be able to outsource. You can waste so much time hiring, training and...

Task Management


Having any structure for assigning tasks is like herding sheep but is worth setting up to bring more calm to your company. The golden rule? “Show the empathy to deliver tasks in the format that mainly suits them and partially suits you”. There are variable power and role dynamics in all organisations but most people are clear on who can give them tasks and to whom they can assign tasks to do. The...

Content Calendar


The content you create needs to have an ROI for your company in terms of engagement, connection and sales. Sharing the work your company does in a natural, engaging way is an art. You want to be generous, funny, and helpful but also not spend hours crafting content that might not move the needle in your business. Creating a content calendar helps your team plan out the framework for your...



Your website serves a purpose of continuing a conversation online. Your website isn’t a brochure for your business but is a common way to share key information about your business at scale. A well-designed website should express your brand, build trust, make promises, answer objections and lastly, provide just the right amount of information about your services. How does a Remote Business...

Knowledge Base


There is so much value in getting things out of your head. Let’s get this straight – knowledge bases can be a huge waste of time. You plan, discuss, and build knowledge base articles then no one views them or updates them. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of adding 30 minutes to a team member’s task, look at ways to add only a few minutes. Some of the many ways to...

Email Help Desk


Email is one of the most ingrained habits in most businesses. You do it one way and could never imagine changing. I think you’ve got three options: Do what you’ve always done Find out how to use what you’ve got in the most efficient way possible Look at tools that will cut down the amount of time you spend writing the same wording hundreds of times a year. In most cases, there...



Set up a CRM that serves the needs of your business and doesn’t need a computer science degree to operate. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a common software used by businesses to be their combination of address book, client notes, reminders and more. Keep your CRM as simple as possible but ensure it has the features to scale with your business in terms of clients and...



Speak to an RBM about auditing your website and reviewing your SEO strategy. There are over 150 ranking factors that Google uses to determine whether you will rank top of your class for your chosen keyword or not. From these 150 ranking factors, there are some core fundamentals that you can follow to ensure your site keeps improving in relevance for search terms in your industry. How does a...